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A bespoke Learning solution to train more than 5,000 police officers and staff on their new Case Management System

Me Learning has provided Lancashire Constabulary with a bespoke learning solution to train more than 5,000 police officers and staff to use a new case management system, in just eight weeks.


CONNECT is their police case management system – it handles case information, custody, investigation and intelligence records.

“All this is sensitive information – it’s about how we manage missing persons, issues related to domestic violence, protecting vulnerable people etc. So, the risks can’t be underestimated if people don’t know how to use it. Phase 1, implemented in 2016, included face-to-face training, which was complex to administer and not always successful.” says Training Lead, Marc Vincent.

Given the criticality of getting the second and final phase of the roll-out right, the force turned to Me Learning for help. In just eight weeks, more than 5,000 staff had accessed training. As well as core training, designed to ensure the entire force met minimum levels when using the system, Me Learning developed 203 separate tutorials configured into 12 separate courses. This enabled different groups to access training paths tailored to meet the specific needs of their role.

The Challenge

Me Learning was asked to step in and urgently provide an alternative learning solution which would support the second phase of the roll-out of the project. Lancashire Constabulary were looking for high levels of consistency in training, given the sensitivity of the information held – case records, investigations, intelligence and custody records. It was essential that the training developed by Me Learning could support the force to remain compliant with national standards on security and data protection.

Lancashire Constabulary had never trained such a large number of people before in such a short period, in any discipline. While they recognised the need for training, they also wanted to minimise the amount of time individuals were away from core activities because of the potential impact this could have on frontline policing, so the solution needed to fit with these requirements.

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“For starters, the sensitivity of data and even the screenshots used meant that Me Learning had to meet police grade standards for data security. To hold policing procedures and policing system screen grabs, the whole project had to be accredited to ISO 27001 and also Cyber Essentials standards. Me Learning did that on time, on schedule and across the board.” Matt Paczkowski Senior Business Change Manager Lancashire Constabulary