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Bespoke e-learning courses are perfect for organisations looking for a more focused, corporate branded solution than an off-the-shelf package. Our digital learning team can provide you with the right course for you and your staff, whatever the topic.

Bespoke Process

Step 1: Scoping

We lay the foundation by ensuring we provide the right training solution for you. We do this by understanding your organisation, your objectives and any issues you wish to resolve.

Together we build on the look and feel of the course, and begin to work on adding levels of interaction and assessment.

Step 2: Learning Design

We begin by working together on an action mapping workshop either with yourself or the chosen SME. This helps us to understand not just perceived requirements, but your actual training needs.

We then systematically design the text, audio and visual elements of the course.

We also include interactions and sequences for each screen, to keep it as engaging and effective as possible, from a learner’s perspective. The aim here is to keep with your business needs and training goals.

Step 3: Scriptwriting, Graphic Design & Build

We ensure that the overall design is brought to life with engaging, interesting writing. Upon identifying the correct learning model that fits your requirements we begin to work on the design framework. All the learning points are addressed, giving you a chance to feed back on language used, tone, depth of content before it’s in the built version. The course should be visually dynamic and stimulating for the end user in order to keep up interest levels, present information in the most memorable, supportive way possible.

In order to produce the best e-learning experience, we make sure that your learners get a course that is dynamic, interesting, up-to-date as well as fully-meeting the training needs that we identify with you in Step 2.

Step 4: Testing, Release & Deployment

At this stage, we proofread the content and run through all the various technical components. We want to ensure the highest standards of quality are met.

We conduct a final inspection to ensure your course runs smooth, on different browsers and the LMS you chose.

Finally, we assist you in deploying the course for a smooth hand over to all your users.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to start from scratch or if you prefer to pick one of our courses and have it tailored to your needs, You choose what is best for your organisation!

Our past bespoke work with clients in sport, non-profit, education and local government has covered a wide range of subjects in different formats. Most of the time our customers provide the Subject Matter Expert (SME) input. However if this is not the case for you, we can help you source an SME.

It may be that you’re looking for expertise in safeguarding e-learning but need some organisational context, or you may have a requirement for a piece of work that isn’t covered in our existing catalogue. Whatever your needs, we can work around you.

Our approach to bespoke digital learning courses uses Digital Thinking to focus on you, our client and your learners. We create a project plan that works for you, meeting for learning design workshops either at our offices or at yours, whatever approach works best for you.

At the end of the project, we put your bespoke course through rigorous quality assurance exercises and testing, and we will sit down with your team to check that all your project objectives have been met. If you’re not happy with the result, neither are we. We want everything to be just right before we deliver it to you.

You’ll never get anything less than the highest quality of digital learning content from us. Our commitment to quality makes us your ideal bespoke content partner.

“Me Learning have developed an excellent package for us and we are very pleased with the high standard to which it has been produced. We have no doubt that our e-learning package will have a really positive impact on learners and therefore benefit the communities we work with. Thank-you Me Learning team!” Abbie Kirkby Advice & Policy Manager Friends, Families & Travellers

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Why Me Learning?

  • The UK’s friendliest e-learning provider with spectacular customer support
  • Highest quality e-learning content
  • An experienced digital learning team to guide you through the bespoke process
  • A customer success team committed to giving you best value
  • Complete learning management expertise: all the advice, support and technology you need, today and in the future
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“At Haringey we are a small team with a family atmosphere. We feel that the team at Me learning share this ethos and it makes them very easy to deal with. We feel as though we are working together to achieve a 'common cause'.” Jo Sobhee London Borough of Haringey

Rochdale Borough Council

Situated around ten miles out of Manchester, Rochdale is successful as a largely residential commuter town to the City and also as an industrial hub in its own right.

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Volume Discounts

Purchases of 10 or more courses will automatically receive a 10% discount at checkout. We also offer substantial discounts to charities and organisations looking to buy licences in bulk.

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