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Win-win commercial partnership opportunities with Me Learning

Are you reaching your profit potential? Looking for training products to sell into your established customer base? Could e-learning provide your customers with added value  whilst providing you with an additional revenue stream?

At Me Learning we work closely with our partners to develop tailored commercial partnerships that meet the needs of individual client bases, providing immediate financial benefit. Whether it’s a tailored GDPR course or one of our established social care e-learning suites, we can develop campaigns that meet your organisational needs.

We offer two exciting options. Partners that act as referrers or those working as resellers. Both are surprisingly simple to implement and both provide opportunity for substantial financial reward.

Referral Partnerships

Our referral partners market relevant e-learning products and we finalise the sale in return for a 20% reward.

Reseller Partnerships

Reseller partnerships are more integrated. As a reseller, you market and sell e-learning to your audience and are then invoiced for royalties – anything up to 50%.

The potential commission for you is generous, and, depending on the size of the partnership, we can co-brand content to fit with your own corporate identity. We support partners with access to our strong internal marketing team who are on hand to promote the partnership through social media, press and digital channels.

Interested? Get in touch by email or by calling 01273 499100. 

Our partners include:

“Initial feedback from our staff shows their agreement that the certification part of Me Learning’s courses will be of great benefit to them and their portfolio.” Nick Menday Milton Keynes Council

Lancashire County Council

Me Learning train over 3,500 social care staff on Lancashire County Council’s new Liquidlogic Adult and Children’s case management systems.

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