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Let your learning take form


Form has been designed by user experience specialists to make managing and learning as easy as possible.
Intuitive reporting gives learning administrators powerful insights, allowing them to make informed decisions that can positively impact their organisation. Learners love Form too - it’s easy to use, works across mobile, tablet and desktop and is available 24/7. 
Form is integration-ready and meets today's security standards. No wonder it’s the trusted choice for organisations today.

Why Form LMS?


It's intuitive

Plan courses and learning pathways with ease using a simple drag and drop interface, as well as using automated reminders and reports right to your inbox. 


It's scalable

No matter the size of your organisation, multi-level and no restriction allows for quick and easy segmentation.


It's secure

Along with full audit-trail and two-factor authentication, your organisation's learning experience is safe and secure.


Drag and drop

Drag and drop
course creation

Creating courses has never been easier. Plan and structure courses quickly and easily using our simple drag and drop interface.

Event booking

Blended learning with Event booking

Combine online SCORM content with real-time events created and scheduled in Form to create true blended learning courses for your team.


Auto-enrolment & workflows

Set up and forget. Complex auto-enrolment workflows are simple to set up, but powerful when in motion. Perfect for onboarding training and refrsher training.

Course versioning

Course versioning

Track all changes made to course content and ensure learners are automatically enrolled on the latest version of any course. 

Self registration

Self registration

Don’t have time to invite all your learners? With self-registration, each learner can create their own learning account and get learning quickly. 

Role management

Role management

Need admin and learner privileges on one account? No problem. Form LMS has an intuitive interface to configure the user roles you need.

Audit trail

Full audit trail

Track what has changed, when and by whom.

Custom brand

Customisation options

Make Form LMS your own. Configure the system with your own branding and certificates.



Easily segment your organisation and manage content seamlessly between them.


Flexible organisation hierarchy

Configure Form LMS to match your organisation structure and easily group users by role or position.


Media library sharing

Reduce bandwidth by sharing media assets across courses and events.


Intuitive reports

Get the valuable data you need at the click of a button. Create visual dashboard reports for your workspace to get valuable insights and see how your training takes shape over time.

Report builder

Report builder

Form’s Report Builder also allows you to create detailed reports - choose only the data you need to display your training outcomes in real time or export as csv files.

Report scheduling

Report scheduling

Once you have created the reports you need you can set schedules so they are delivered regularly to the right recipient at the right time.

Public API

Public API

Access our Public API to integrate with your other cloud services, such as HR systems, with Form LMS.


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