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What is LearnStream?

At its highest level, LearnStream is a blend of different training interventions which complement each other. The pace of learners and their competency is considered, enabling each individual to get up to speed in the shortest time possible.

Now for the clever bit… the longer the delay between training and using the skills the more likely the learner will forget. So, the trick is to carefully blend the training to suit the learners in each organisation, so they are up to speed just before the system or upgrade goes live.

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How LearnStream works

All material is engaging and has been developed in collaboration with subject matter experts. All learners have access to consistent digital materials, enabling them to work at their own pace, fitting training around shift patterns. Learning is always consolidated through repetition and practice and the materials can be accessed as a refresher at any time.

LearnStream can be delivered through any learning platform, including Blue LMS - our own secure, scalable and customisable learning platform.

Why LearnStream?


It’s efficient

LearnStream improves your return on investment because it is up to 50% more cost-effective than standard face-to-face training.

End to end

It’s end-to-end

LearnStream is a holistic solution that reduces training timeframes by taking care of the entire process – from content development through to delivery.


It’s effective

LearnStream guarantees a positive training outcome through regular knowledge reinforcement, and ongoing 24/7 support ensuring employee competency before go-live, after go-live and during business as usual.

A track record of successful software implementations

From complex software to case management systems, we've trained large workforces in the shortest period of time across all sectors.

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