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  • Unleash the value of your software

    Digital technology touches every part of a business and investment in software is booming. But for employees this can mean managing constant change which impacts productivity and wellbeing.

    Our software learning blends the latest technology-led training techniques to reduce the anxiety created during the implementation of systems changes.

    By learning in a way which suits them, learners are able to master the functionality they need quickly so they face go-live feeling really prepared. 


How we do this

We call our methodology LearnStream and here are just a few of the many benefits:

Tck  Uses technology to create personalise learning so everybody studies in a way and pace which suits them
Tck  Quickly deploys to hundreds of people

Tck  Makes information easier to remember

Tck  Minimise risks around inaccurate data recording

Tck  Most cost effective way to learn

Tck  Less disruptive for your organisation.

What our customers say

“Police officers in Lancashire like anywhere else attend a wide range of stressful situations. Astonishing as this sounds, the thing most likely to tip them over the edge was not what they witnessed on the ground but the anxiety of using new software systems to create accurate records back at base. That was until we discovered Me Learning. Yes, they trained over 6,000 officers and staff in just eight weeks on our new case management system saving us time and money. But most important was how this relieved the pressure on those involved so they could focus on supporting the public, rather than worrying about whether they would remember how to the record details back at the office.”

Andy Rhodes, former Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary

Why software learning?


It’s efficient

Up to 50% more cost-effective than standard face-to-face training.

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It’s end-to-end

Training time is reduced because we take care of the entire process – from content development through to delivery.


It’s effective

Regular knowledge reinforcement, and ongoing 24/7 support ensures employee are competent before go-live, after go-live and during business as usual.

A track record of successfully training people on software

From complex software to case management systems, we've trained large workforces in the shortest period of time across many sectors.





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