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How Virtual+ will help

We can quickly convert your classroom courses into professional online training using our proven Virtual+ service.

Any organisation seeking to move face-to-face training online can benefit from Virtual+.

Take a look at our full article on Virtual+ to see what is possible.

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  • Need some more help?

    If your organisation is new to using virtual or digital training or needs some extra support, we can provide coaching to ensure you get it right.

    For example, this could include training your existing staff on how to deliver virtual learning effectively. Or helping you select the right technology to rebuild and deploy your new digital courses.


Why Virtual+

We take away all the hassle and worry and produce professional digital courses, supported by virtual classroom environments that your learners will love.

Free advice

Free advice to get you started

Do you have a classroom course you are thinking could be converted to digital or virtual learning? Send your lesson plan to us and let our team of experts review it for you.
Simply send your content using the methods below and we will be in touch to arrange confidential delivery of your lesson plan. We aim to send you the results within 48 hours.


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Let us show you how Virtual+ can help.

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