Employees at Cambridge City Council will be able to login and learn online whenever they choose, thanks to a new agreement with Me Learning.

More than 800 council employees will have access an extensive library of online learning content via Me Learning’s own learning management system, under a new five year agreement.

Employees can login securely and learn at any time and from any device with an internet connection making it easier for them to fit learning around other commitments. They will be able to select learning modules which are right for them in their role from a list of up to 40 courses. This includes many of our best-selling online modules – unconscious bias, GDPR and safeguarding – as well as business management content and learning created for specialist roles within local government such as our suite of learning for anti-social behaviour practitioners and for those working in adult and children’s social care.

Nick Richards, Me Learning CEO said:

“When it comes to training large workforce groups with differing levels of competency and needs, our experience of over 15 years has shown that online digital learning is a great way to achieve consistency in understanding. It is also enables learners to access learning instantly so trainers can focus their effort on the aspects of learning which are more complicated or require higher levels of interaction and discussion between trainers and participants.”

Vince Webb, Organisational Development Manager at Cambridge City Council said:

“We are delighted to be working with Me Learning as our new digital learning provider. We now look forward to further expanding and embedding our e-learning offer as part of our employee development programme for our 800 colleagues at Cambridge City Council. We were particularly impressed with the quality and range of Me Learning’s course content, intuitive LMS and customer support.”

Me Learning has been providing cutting-edge, digitally-led training to local government for more than 15 years.

For more information on this project please contact Anne Egede, Head of Marketing and Communications at 01273 091 301 or anne.egede@melearning.co.uk.

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