Infection Prevention and Control – for Health and Social Care

If you’re working with adults who may be ill or vulnerable to infection then you need to be particularly vigilant in infection control. But why is infection control important?

NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) estimates that 300,000 patients a year in England acquire a healthcare-associated infection as a result of care within the NHS.

Infection control in hospitals and care homes is therefore critical: it harms patients who are already vulnerable and costs healthcare institutions too.


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4 reviews for Infection Prevention and Control – for Health and Social Care

Great range of different tasks to keep it interesting.
Very good, well explained and thorough. Examples and questions throughout maintained interest.

Heather Sim

The video clips enhanced the course and made the course more interesting.

Heather Sim

Really interactive, I have learnt a lot.
Very quick and clear engaging course.

Heather Sim

Excellent e-learning course!
Challenging and informative.

Heather Sim

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