Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage

How much do you know about the issues of honour-based violence and forced marriage? This abuse is often used as a means of control, with the cycle beginning when victims are children and continuing into adult life.

One of the biggest problems is that if the victims are not getting the right support from the authorities then they may feel unable to make a complaint.


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7 reviews for Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage

It’s extremely educative.
Brilliant course. Easily Absorbed.

Heather Sim

I found the course content very informative and for this reason, would recommend the course to colleagues.
Really useful awareness raising and overview of an area of work that I have very little understanding of.

Heather Sim

Informative and reinforced appropriately.
Excellent, would like to do more in this way.

Heather Sim

This was a fantastic course and really helped with a recent case as a male domestic abuse support worker.

Heather Sim

Very good course, very informative, goes through each module very clearly and efficiently

Heather Sim

Interesting course with relevant information about different cultural, religious and legal aspects.

Heather Sim

I found this course very well set out within the different modules. I have significantly improved my knowledge and now feel able to tackle this issue should it arise.

Heather Sim

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