This year has posed many challenges – now is a great time to focus on developing your self-awareness to push yourself further. That’s why we’re challenging you to our 5-day self-awareness challenge.

Over the next 5 days, you will have 5 simple questions that will you reflect and become more self-aware. Make a note each day of what you discover and at the end of the five days, we will ask you to share something you have learned about yourself. Here’s a list of your questions for the next 5 days: Day 1 – What was the best moment of your day? Why was that? Day 2 – How structured was your day? How did this make you feel? Day 3 – Did today live up to your expectations? How much of that was down to your actions? Day 4– What was your biggest frustration today? Day 5 – What were you doing when you were at your best today? It’s important to note that you can share your discoveries on social media by tagging Me Learning on LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also send in your discoveries via email to We will select one person at random to have a FREE 30-minutes session with our Director of Behavioural Learning – Roger Ayres. Being aware of your environment and body is important to understand your motivations and character. Let the journey begin!

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