Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles and now Ben Stokes are all top performers in their sports but over the past few weeks have become better known for making the brave call to put their mental health above achievement.

The decision each of them made to go public on their personal challenges has helped put mental health in the spotlight again, so thanks for their transparency. The hope is that many people will now benefit from their courage by deciding to speak out about their own difficulties.

Hopefully given time and space each of these high profile sports people will regain their confidence and go on to achieve their dreams again but if they don’t that is also ok, provided it is right for them. They have already achieved much more than winning a major tennis title, Olympic gold or performed more test match heroics as part of the England cricket team. What they have shown us is that however high you fly, however much people think of you as a dead cert, even the top performers can wobble. And in fact, surprising as their stories seemed at the time, they are really no different to anybody else in the workplace.

In today’s workplace burnout and disappointments are all too common, often caused by prolonged stress leading to mental exhaustion. So many employers make time for resilience training so their staff are better prepared to navigate set backs.

Given the focus on mental health and resilience this month, Me Learning is making available access to two of our digital courses for FREE by using code MakeTime21.

We are not all in the upper echelons of sporting performance but we can still be susceptible to stress at work. Take this first step to find out more about mental health, the stigma and the impact of negative thoughts and how to better face the many challenges and obstacles in our day-to-day lives.

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As well as offering this course for FREE throughout the month of August, we are also providing a discount for a longer period of time for public sector and non-profit organisations wishing to purchase large number of licences.

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