Small businesses and non-profits often overlook that data protection laws apply to them, putting their organisations at risk. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to applying GDPR legislation. Whether you are a multinational company, a SME, charity, society or group, if you collect ANY personal information about anybody you come into contact with, even just names and emails, you must show you take reasonable steps to look after this and protect it from falling into the wrong hands.

So even if you just deal with handful of customers or engage with a limited number of supporters or volunteers as a charity, you still need an effective but proportionate approach to managing personal information in line with your business size and activities. The good news is though that with our role-specific online training, we can train your whole organisation quickly, which makes getting this right much easier than most people think.

So, let’s talk about the advantages, just in case you are still burying your head in the sand. Obviously, getting it right might mean you avoid the courts system and fines and the reputational damage of being reported to the Information Commissioner. But having the right processes in place can also help you build trust with those who share their personal information with you, enhancing your reputation and helping you to build your brand. They can also make it easier to process queries quickly and manage customer changes, so can also be spin offs which make good financial and business sense.

We specialise in providing role-specific training for smaller organisations, including specialist modules for HR, marketing professionals and Boards. Join the more than 10,000 online learners who took at least one of our nine data protection, information management and cyber security courses during 2021.

Explore our courses today. Annual Solutions start from £1,000 for up to 25 learners accessing the entire suite of GDPR courses on a customised Learning management system (LMS), or individual licences per course range from £20 to £395, exclusive of VAT. For more details contact or 01273 091 301.

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