As the pandemic panic subsides and we emerge into a post-lockdown world, organisations are rapidly re-evaluating how to equip their employees with the skills they will need to manage change.

Many have already decided that, even with social distancing in place, in-person training is unlikely to be a safe or viable option, for months, or even years to come.

Which leaves learning and development teams hastily innovating and often making snap decisions about which learning practices can stay, for now at least, and which will need replacing.

The answer could be to make more use of proven technology such as digital online learning and virtual classroom environments, where learners can interact safely via a screen.

But with some organisations already experiencing problems with DIY solutions, how do you select and deliver a programme of training which is right for your organisation, so that learning is effective, affordable, secure and above all safe for learners?

Introducing Virtual+

We can quickly convert your classroom courses into professional online training using our proven Virtual+ service.

Here is how Virtual+ works:

We take away all the hassle and worry and produce professional digital courses that your learners will love. Here’s are 4 reasons why Virtual+ is right for your organisation.

Who is Virtual+ for? Whilst any organisation seeking to move face-to-face training online can benefit from Virtual+, we have designed this service based upon our experience of the challenges faced by Local Authorities. Need some more help? If your organisation is new to using virtual or digital training or needs some extra support, we can provide coaching to ensure you get it right. For example, this could include training your existing staff on how to deliver virtual learning effectively. Or helping you select the right technology to rebuild and deploy your new digital courses.

We have been creating powerful and inspiring learning which has tipped the balance away from classroom learning in favour of effective online training for 14 years. We have specific experience helping organisations train and support large numbers of staff, especially when there is significant change to software systems, or processes.

Get started today! Do you have a classroom course you are thinking could be converted to digital or virtual learning? Send your lesson plan to us and let our team of experts review it for you. Simply send an email to and we will be in touch to arrange confidential delivery of your lesson plan. We aim to send you the results within 48 hours. Virtual+ is creating safe learning in a world of social distancing. You can visit our website to find out more about Virtual+.

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