As part of our ongoing charity project initiative with our current charity partner Friends of the Elderly, on 3rd April two Me Learning employees volunteered at their ‘Visiting Friends’ befriending service. Here is what they shared on their experience:

“We had the pleasure of visiting a Friends of the Elderly home in Woking and spend some time with some of the awesome residents. We served teas and coffees, sandwiches, cakes and was made a quiz master asking the residents to figure out riddles which was good fun! We also got to meet Sandra Smook, the Visiting Friends/Volunteer Befriending Development Manager. She gave us some insight into their service and the residents that participate monthly.

We also sat down and spoke with residents asking them about their lives and accomplishments and some of the stories were just incredible. It genuinely felt nice to spend quality time with these amazing human beings who have experienced so much in life.

We want to thank Me Learning for giving us this opportunity”

About Friends of the Elderly

Friends of the Elderly is an organisation that runs care homes and community services in Bedfordshire, Dorset, Essex, Greater London, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Worcestershire. Their ten care homes offer residential and respite services. Their sister organisation ‘Triangle Community Services’ offers home and day care services across seven locations. Their focus is to provide the best possible care whilst supporting independence and engagement in community life.

Friends of the Elderly also runs a range of activities to support older people to live fulfilled lives. These include a financial grants service for older people living on low incomes, as well as various community projects such as their befriending service and their ‘Football Friends’ programme, which connects older people together over a shared love of football.

You can read more about Friends of The Elderly and our Charity Donation Project here.

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