Please note – this course now forms part of our Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery course.

In conjunction with The Modern Slavery Act 2015, this brand new course – the third module in this series – highlights key indicators that might reveal a victim of modern slavery. Whether your business needs to comply with the Act or you work with potential victims, this invaluable course will teach you specific indicators of this form of abuse and most importantly what you need to do next to deal with such circumstances.

Just 30 minutes long, on completion, you will understand how to engage with a potential victim, and how to get them appropriate support through the government’s National Referral Mechanism.

The course includes –

  • Spotting the signs that someone might be a victim of modern slavery
  • The broad indicators that a child might have been trafficked
  • How to get these potential victims help and into the National Referral Mechanism
  • How the National Referral Mechanism works

Ideal for –

  • Social workers
  • British Universities
  • Health care workers
  • Catering in hospitals, schools and colleges
  • Those who work with children, such as teachers or care workers
  • Those in affected industries, such as agriculture or construction
  • Any professional who may come into contact with children, young people, or adults who may have been trafficked.

Some customer feedback –

“A tricky subject brought to life, thanks.”

“A great length, easy to digest but plenty of essential info.”

If this course is of interest to you, click here for further information.

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