Re-enrolment just got even better. We’re releasing some great new functionality that will enable you to create automated workflows for re-enrolments within Blue LMS.

What does this mean?

Recently we announced the arrival of the re-enrolment feature for Blue LMS. Now we’re excited to roll out additional functionality that allows administrators to automate this process, making managing your training programme simple.

Re-enrolment workflows make it possible for you to create a set of rules which are then applied at course level, meaning you can control re-enrolments with precision and clarity.

Set automatic enrolments for anyone taking a particular course, so that after a determined period of time (when they need to refresh their training), your learners are enrolled and ready to go.

Creating a workflow is a logical and intuitive process. It takes minutes to set up and apply but can save hours of administration time. Applying workflows to individual courses gives you endless flexibility for your programme of compliance training.

Coupled with Blue LMS’ powerful reporting engine and evaluation capabilities you will be able to manage compliance training effortlessly and demonstrate the outcome and impact on your organisation.

When is this new functionality available?

It’s available now! Simply log in to an administration account and you’ll be able to get straight into building your re-enrolment workflows.

That’s all there is to it – we hope you enjoy this great new functionality!

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