Are you designing for accessibility? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a seamless user experience for all individuals. By designing with accessibility in mind, you can create an inclusive environment that everyone can enjoy. Let’s make the digital world a better place for everyone. Read our guide below to discover tips on how to create accessible digital learning.

Tip #1 – Colour contrast

It is important to provide enough contrast between text and its background so that it can be read by people with moderately low vision.

To meet the WCAG 2.1 web standards for accessibility, your content needs to meet level AA requirements. This requires a 4.5:1 ratio for body text.

Tip #2 – Aria labels

When a screen reader encounters an interactable object, the aria-label text is read so that the user will know what it is. Button “continue-button”

Tip #3 – Focus states

Focus states are an essential part of ensuring that a user interface can be navigated by a person not using a mouse so that everyone has a positive user experience.

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