Me Learning is creating digital learning to support the roll out of a new command and control system at Northumbria Police.

The project is an important part of a wider programme of modernisation of control room services, scheduled to go live in June 2021.

Me Learning will provide digital training for 650 control room and other officers and staff on the new Sopra Steria SmartContact Command and Control System. This will form part of a blended learning package also involving face-to-face or virtual training delivered by police trainers.

Each learner will follow one of four digital learning pathways enabling them to focus on the most relevant functionality and information for their role. This will speed up the training process and help the force manage abstractions by minimising the time learners spend away from their core role.

This method will also minimise the administrative overhead of scheduling and rescheduling training commitments, particularly as the control room environment is prone to sudden change in demand. Learners will be able to access training closer to go-live and revisit modules as a refresher, on demand. All digital learning will be hosted on Me Learning’s secure Learning Management System.

Me Learning Chief Executive Nick Richards said:

“We have been able to demonstrate time and time again that digital learning is an extremely effective way to learn how to correctly use new systems software. A suite of professionally created digital training including the opportunity to try out new skills makes learning memorable. So, when the big day arrives, and the new system is activated, staff feel confident in their ability to use the software and the organisation can start to realise the benefit of their investment.”

Paul Lynch, Force Transformation Lead of Northumbria Police said:

“Quality training interventions are a key part of managing large, complex change, ensuring staff are comfortable utilising new systems prior to using those systems in a ‘live’ environment. The control room can be a really stressful environment so we are keen to do all we can to reduce staff anxiety during this transformation. By deploying digital learning for a substantial part of the training, we have been able to reduce the timescale for training the new system by half. Learners will become more confident with the system quicker and therefore more readily able to adopt new ways of working. This will benefit us as an organisation by streamlining the introduction of a system which will help us deliver an enhanced service to the public.”

For more information and further enquiries, contact Anne Egede, our Marketing and Communications Manager at 01273 091 301 or

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