Hartlepool Borough Council relies on Me Learning’s learning platform to deliver Early Help and social care training to new employees and partners working within children’s services.

Anticipating an influx of new recruits in September 2023, they were particularly keen to make the switch to our new learning management system earlier in the year.

What they discovered was that transition proved as easy as logging off one day and on the next!

Kelly Prescott, Project Manager on Information Systems at Hartlepool Borough Council explained: “It was as easy as ‘bish, bash, bosh’. In advance of the switch, our Workforce Development Team had a demo so they knew what to expect and we had extracted from the old system the historical data on course completions, so this wasn’t lost. We also asked users to complete any courses, if they were part way through training as progress wouldn’t be transferred across.

“It was then a case of logging into the new learning management system from a set day using new credentials – nothing more. We didn’t encounter any problems and the questions we put to Me Learning were answered quickly and thoroughly.”

Me Learning has been working with Hartlepool Borough Council since 2018. New starters are required to complete Early Help and social care training as part of their induction arrangements. The training is also available for partners in the police and the voluntary and community sector in Hartlepool.

Form LMS was launch by Me Learning earlier in 2023 and offers learners 24/7 learning on any device via a highly stable and secure platform. It combines the latest innovation in learning technology with a highly simplified approach to delivering, managing and tracking learning.

For further enquiries, please contact enquiries@melearning.co.uk / 01273 091 301.

Click here to learn more about our learning platform, Form.

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