At the London Borough of Waltham Forest, The Access Mosiac system is used to manage adult’s, children’s and finance cases on a single platform. This requires a large number of users to understand how to get the best out of this system, so that data is recorded accurately and people receive the care they need.

Because of a steady churn of employees and the use of agency and locum staff, in house business analysts were spending a large part of their working week running remote classroom training sessions to get new starters up and running on Access Mosaic’s basic functionality.

With more pressing priorities to focus on, they were keen to work with Me Learning to create a technology-driven training solution using digital learning so all new starters could develop a baseline level of understanding of the Access Mosaic system without the need for remote training sessions.

The solution

Me Learning created role-specific, digital learning on Access Mosaic which was configured to match the specific needs of Waltham Forest. New users follow a learning pathway appropriate to their role and the way they use the system – there are 10 different learning pathways, currently used by approximately 200 learners. This provides all learners with a good understanding of basic functionality.

As with all of Me Learning’s digital training products, learning is broken down into bite-sized modules to aid retention of key information. Training incorporates interactive elements as well as knowledge checks to test comprehension.

The result

By creating consistent online learning which could be accessed anywhere at any time, this has helped to free up the time of business analysts so they can concentrate on other pressing priorities. This includes directing their efforts to follow-up remote training sessions on Access Mosaic for users who are required to use more complicated aspects of the system and to take them through local process.

New users receive access to online training as soon as they start employment. This means they are able to make a full contribution more quickly, as they don’t need to wait for a training place to become available on a remote course before being granted access to the Access Mosaic system.

As the training was launched early in the pandemic, the timing has helped the council to continue to provide learning during lockdowns and while social distancing guidelines were in place.

Also, the Me Learning Access Mosaic training modules are available as a refresher for users so individual learners are able to access training again at any time, reducing the number of queries received on the system.

Catherine McPaul, Mosaic Business Analyst, said:

“Spending several days a week delivering the same training over and over again just wasn’t a good use of our time. The feedback on Me Learning has been so positive that we have no intention of going back to classroom training on the basics of Mosaic. Using high quality digital learning is a much better way to deliver this type of training.”

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