Agility is rapidly gaining momentum as more people recognise its transformative advantages. Embracing an agile operating model, while undoubtedly beneficial, presents several challenges from cultural transformations, team coordination, and communication adjustments.

When a global biopharmaceutical company introduces a new way of working, this requires meticulous planning and execution. Our client, a leading consultancy specialising in this field, developed a suite of content and tools to assist with this. They wanted a digital training package which would empower medical and healthcare professionals to work more collaboratively, optimise processes, and deliver exceptional care solutions to those in need.

The solution

We worked with our client to develop an innovative digital learning solution, aimed at fostering a cohesive understanding on Agile, an outcome that was in line with their transformation goals.

We used scripts developed by our client to create high-quality digital learning. This comprehensive module was broken down into digestible segments, enhancing the learning journey for pharmaceutical professionals.

Me Learning’s instructional designers used cutting-edge techniques such as animation and video to develop training which is highly engaging and relevant for this specialist audience. Upon completion of the training, all users are required to pass a knowledge check to test their comprehension.

The results

Upon receiving the scripts from our client, our learning was developed and ready to deploy in just 2 months, enabling them to hit their crucial client deadlines.

We provided a SCORM file of our learning which was used on the client’s own learning management system.

By offering consistent and easily accessible training, employees can effortlessly grasp the core principles of Agile methodology. This equips them to seamlessly incorporate vital best practices and concepts into their daily routines and empower them to operate more dynamically and efficiently within their organisation.

“Collaborating with Me Learning has been a robust and innovative experience. Me Learning have enabled a more versatile way of learning to engage our target audience from a new and creative perspective. Their expertise and collaborative approach resulted in an outstanding digital learning resource that exceeded expectations and successfully met our requirements.”

Download the success story here.

For more information contact: Shirley Berry, Director Strategic Solutions at or 01273 499 100.

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