Council provide a suite of e-learning courses to assist with the training and ongoing support of the their Children’s Social Workers.

All staff who use the Liquidlogic PROTOCOL Children’s System system will be able to access the suite of online modules, which demonstrate how to use the system and provide practitioner guidance on the workflow and recording processes, by using a combination of screen demonstrations, interactive practices and process guidance. All courses will be accessed from the ‘Help’ link within the PROTOCOL Children’s System or via a specifically designed customised web portal.

The modules will be available online so users can carry out a training tutorial at any time, from any location with an internet connection. All new users, social work staff and business support will be able to take these courses. Previously, Milton Keynes Council has used in-house trainers and floorwalkers but realised that an integrated approach combining online and classroom-based learning would not only be cost-effective, but also increase staff efficiency through the accessibility of online training.

Courses can be undertaken at any time, so users are not restricted by the availability of trainers. New employees can be trained as soon as they join, rather than having to wait for the next scheduled classroom course. Further to this, all staff can carry out refresher courses at their own convenience in order to update their knowledge and keep on top of new government legislation and guidelines. Staff can carry out courses that were not covered in the classroom course or delve deeper into specific topics.

Classroom sessions will also become more efficient as trainers can focus on those staff who require additional attention. Nick Menday, Information Development Manager for the Children and Young People Service at Milton Keynes Council, commented: “I was initially attracted to Me Learning’s online solution because it is not simply a ‘point and click’ training package. PROTOCOL Children’s System has raised many practice issues for us and, I am sure, other authorities. Me Learning has an abundance of ‘practice’ related guidance and help links which I believe will be of great benefit to us.”

Nick Richards, Head of Business Development, Me Learning, said: “We worked closely with Milton Keynes to ensure the solution was tailored to meet their requirements. Nick Menday had a clear understanding of what was needed. New staff will quickly be able to get up-to-speed and existing staff will be able to retain knowledge and stay on top of new legislation, thereby maintaining a high level of efficiency throughout the workforce.”

Nick Menday continued: “As training courses are not compulsory and social care staff are extremely busy with case work, it is important to ensure training is as easy as possible. Managers can access key information, such as who has taken a course, when they took a course, how long a course took and whether they passed or failed. Each new starter will cover job-specific modules as part of their induction before they are required to record anything and, through online training, they will not be constrained by training dates. Initial feedback from our staff shows their agreement that the certification part of Me Learning’s courses will be of great benefit to them and their portfolio.”

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