Dementia awareness

Topics include: Symptoms and treatment for dementia, Maintaining communication and Living with Dementia.

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Dementia can’t be cured – however, we can make life for those who have it as manageable as possible. We cover ways to communicate, simple adjustments to make around the home, and how carers can access support.

Dementia affects an estimated 944,000 people in the UK. In this course we will take a step back and look at what dementia is, what its symptoms can look like and how an early diagnosis can be helpful in preparing for the future. We also explore adjustments that can be made to make things easier for people with dementia, alongside early onset dementia and carer support.

On completion of the course learners automatically get a certificate with their name, the CPD hours, date and learning objectives.

  • Understand what dementia is
  • Know what treatment for dementia can look like and how people suffering from dementia can take care of themselves
  • Recognise the importance of maintaining communication for those with dementia
  • Support those caring for people with dementia and know where to go for further information

  • Causes, symptoms and treatment
  • Living with Dementia

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