Systems training for System C and The Access Group

For over a decade, our training solutions for Systems C systems (LAS, LCS, and EHM) and The Access Group systems such as Access Mosaic or Access Rio EPR have helped train tens of thousands of social workers, social care managers, and local authority partner agency staff members to effectively use these systems. We achieve this through LearnStream, our innovative approach for training people on how to use software systems.

This end-to-end solution, using a blend of recognised training techniques, is an ideal way to equip people with the skills they need. It’s quick to deploy, easy to remember and cost-effective. Let us show you how our cutting-edge training helps people master the use of complex software at a time and in a place which suits them. This training is cost-effective and accessible to new users and existing users 24/7. We also blend different training interventions using digital technology and virtual learning so people fit training around their other commitments. We can enhance this with classroom training where required.

System C systems training

Through Me Learning’s partnership with System C, we specialise in designing and delivering a suite of online tutorials that teach and support learners to use LAS, LCS and EHM competently and confidently.

Explore how our cutting-edge systems training helps organisations master the use of LAS, LCS, and EHM quickly and at a time and in a place which suits them.

The Access Group systems training

Whatever the size of your workforce and however diverse their learning need, organisations can achieve the best training outcomes for the roll-out and upgrade of The Access Group systems, thanks to our partnership with The Access Group.

Let’s help you design and deliver the right cutting-edge systems training solution for your organisation.

Me Learning has been specialising in providing cutting-edge training solutions to council learners for more than 16 years.

Our courses are accessible digitally from anywhere on any device and mirror the virtual way individuals choose to interact with the world today.

We will also convert your existing classroom training into digital or virtual format so your learners can continue to learn while social distancing measures apply.

Our solutions will help you unlock the potential of your workforce by providing your people with the skills they need to support what really matters – putting your citizens first.

Why Me Learning?

You can trust us

We have over 16 years’ experience working with public sector organisations, large and small and we are on the main public sector frameworks. We are ISO9001, ISO27001 and Cyber Security Essentials Plus accredited, so you can be sure your security is in safe hands.

Great value

We appreciate that you may have limited time and budget, but your people’s training really matters, especially when it comes to getting a good return on the investment from in technology. Digital learning is up to 50% more cost-effective than traditional training methods.

Easy to use

Our digital learning and systems are easy to use. Our learning works across desktop, tablet and mobile and our systems give admins visibility on progress. This enables learners to schedule training around shift patterns and the many other priorities you face.

Highly accredited

Our accreditation is second to none – Cyber Security Essentials Plus, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 – we are used to working with organisations requiring the highest level of data security across public and private sectors. We are also accredited to Investors In People Gold Standard. We use our own secure cloud-based learning management software to shape the learning experience of hundreds of thousands of learners every day.

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Introducing our Digital Library Prospectus

To access our courses, or to purchase licences for your local authority, contact us at or 01273 091 301, as volume discounts are available.

How we can help

Software learning

Which reduces workforce anxiety and supports the wellbeing agenda during the roll-out and upgrade of technology and software systems – whatever the size of your workforce and however diverse their learning needs.

Tailored digital learning

Bespoke digital training, complete with your own examples and branding, to provide a tailored learning experience which is highly relevant for your setting.

Learning platform

Already got digital learning but no way to manage it? Deliver great learning through our secure, scalable and customisable learning platform where learners can access content securely, easily at any time and there is full visibility for admins.

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