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We need to put wellbeing first for successful digital transformation

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As a former Chief Constable of Lancashire and National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for wellbeing, Andy Rhodes understands the stresses and demands of policing, as well as the danger that the poorly managed introduction of new technology, and lack of ongoing and training and support, can add to rather than reduce those pressures; here he teams up with Me Learning’s Shirley Berry to highlight four key lessons for putting people first when embarking on digital transformation.

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Digital technology is transforming policing by helping officers to fight crime and protect our communities.

An important part of this is equipping police workforces with the skills and the confidence to get the most out of technology. We do this in a way which supports their wellbeing during times of change. 

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We specialise in cutting-edge training solutions for police learners.

These are carefully tailored to match the needs of the digital policing environment and mirror the way individuals choose to interact with the world today - digitally.

Because our training solutions can be accessed anywhere, at any time and on any device with an internet connection, they are bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to the police training environment. 

Training is easily deployed at scale, which is particularly relevant as police services plan for an uplift of 50,000 new officers over the next few years.

Our learning is always underpinned with secure and compliant processes.

  • 5,000 police officers trained in 8 weeks

    Find out how our LearnStream methodology trained and minimised time away from core duties for 5,000 police officers in Lancashire Constabulary.

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In the news

As the police service explores the growing potential of technology to undertake some traditional policing functions, CEO of Me Learning Nick Richards argues that no matter how sophisticated the technology it can only be as good as the skills of those that use it and training remains a vital component of any roll out. His  most recent article in Policing Insight sheds more light on this important topic. 

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We have over 15 years’ experience working with public sector organisations, large and small and we are on the main public sector frameworks. We are ISO9001, ISO27001 and Cyber Security Essentials accredited, so you can be sure your security is in safe hands.


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We appreciate that you may have limited time and budget, but your people’s training really matters when it comes to getting a good return on the investment you are making in technology. Digital learning is up to 50% more cost-effective than traditional training methods.


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Our digital learning and systems are easy to use. Our learning works across desktop, tablet and mobile and our systems give admins visibility on progress. This enables learners to schedule training around shift patterns and the many other priorities you face.


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Learning platform

Already got digital learning but no way to manage it? Deliver great learning through our secure, scalable and customisable learning platform where learners can access content securely and easily at any time.

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