Northumbria Police were looking to drastically reduce staff training time for a new command and control solution which was to be implemented as part of a major five-year programme to replace a number of legacy systems, some of which were 35 years old.

With many staff based in rural areas and 90 minutes or more from the nearest training centre, they wanted to use technology-led learning to ensure they achieved their go-live date and have a sustainable, interactive solution that could be incorporated into induction programmes for new officers and staff.

The solution

Me Learning delivered a digital transformation solution that helped them reduce their training timeline from 18 months to six months. By providing a suite of digital learning to support the roll out of the new control room solutions, STORM and Aspire, and the associated new ways of working, we helped them achieve transformation success in record time. Learners followed a learning pathway that introduced them to the functionality and workflows relevant to their role. The digital suite was split into four learner pathways and staff were allocated protected time to complete the tutorials away from their working environment.

It underpinned a wider, blended learning approach which included additional police trainer support via virtual, face-to-face training sessions and plenty of practice and repetition, so people could build confidence in the new system and fully understand how they would be using it in the live environment.

  • 3, 870 people trained in total
  • 670 control room staff (with accompanying face-to-face training)
  • 3,200 other staff (digital learning only)
  • 75% reduction to training compared to traditional approach

The benefits

This approach enabled the training to be delivered in just six months, rather than the 18 months it would have taken using a solely traditional classroom training approach. It also reduced abstractions, the administrative overhead of scheduling and rescheduling training commitments and allowed control room supervisors to allocate protected training time on an ad-hoc basis, during less busy periods, which is particularly important given the control room environment is prone to sudden changes in demand.

The inclusion of the digital suite meant training was scheduled closer to go-live, which reduced the risk of learning being forgotten. This limited the amount of refresher training needed and shortened the overall training programme timeline. Modules are now being used to refresh knowledge on demand, and for new starters.

Key benefits

The number of hours required to train all staff on the system was greatly reduced through the use of digital training – a total of 10,932 hours to train 4,000 people, rather than 41,160 hours through a traditional face-to-face training approach.

Training timeline reduced from 18 months to six months.

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