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When it comes to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) there’s one common misunderstanding that runs cross-sector – ‘because of Brexit, the GDPR won’t apply to the UK.’

Not true. Despite plans to officially leave the European Union in 2019, the UK government has set out a clear strategy when it comes to data protection and the impact that the GDPR will have.

“Brexit created some uncertainty and may have caused some organisations to ‘take their foot off the gas’ ”

according to Jonathan Bamford, Head of Parliamentary and Government Affairs at the ICO earlier this year.

“But the UK will still be in the EU when the GDPR comes into full effect and organisations will have to comply,”

Furthermore, a recent draft of the government’s Data Protection Bill reinforces the government’s aim to align UK legislation with the GDPR once we leave the European Union.

Is the public sector taking GDPR more seriously than the private sector?

A recent study of public sector organisations by the Information Commissioner’s Office revealed that Local Authorities might be better prepared than private sector organisations. Whilst there is still much to be done, the research revealed the following:

75% of councils have already appointed a data protection officer;

85% of councils have data protection training for employees processing personal data;

81% have mandatory data-protection training for all employees who process personal data;

70% have mandatory data protection refresher training for all employees who process personal data.

Whilst the results are encouraging, there is more work to be done to ensure all authorities are ready for GDPR coming into force in May. Non-compliance of GDPR may lead to serious reputational damage and exposes organisations to huge penalties if processes, policies and training aren’t sufficient.

Here, Piers Clayden, Director at Clayden Law, discusses the top 5 implications for Local Authorities.

Simply put, the GDPR show will go on – despite Brexit. How prepared are you?

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