Make even more of your learning content with enhanced courses and Assessor Sign-Off – two great new features in Blue LMS.

What does this mean?

Enhanced courses

It’s now common knowledge that online courses offer convenience and value for money, and are a tried and tested way of delivering effective organisational training. However, we never stop looking for ways to make online learning even better for both our customers and their learners.

Recently, we’ve been looking at some of our customers’ increasingly complex training needs – those which require greater flexibility and functionality than is offered by a standard online course. So, we decided it was time to find a solution. As a result, we’ve developed ‘enhanced courses’.

Using an enhanced course, you can deliver larger quantities of training than would comfortably fit into a standard online course. Large quantities of content can now be split into more manageable and engaging chunks, making it easier for learners to digest and allowing you to enhance the content with additional components.

Any type of content can be used within an enhanced course – SCORM, video, audio, documents, links, and images. You can design a full syllabus of training, or use them to provide on the job support through supplementary resources.

The potential uses for enhanced courses are practically limitless. They can be used to satisfy any number of training requirements and are flexible enough for you to design the precise manner of bespoke assessment appropriate to your course. They can also be used for courses with very specific requirements, for example, learning for compliance which needs to be closely monitored, or for policy acceptance.

Assessor Sign-Off

One feature that you can build into an enhanced course is something we like to call ‘Assessor Sign-Off’ – the second new piece of functionality available we’re delighted to announce, today.

By adding Assessor Sign-Off to enhanced courses, you can incorporate communicative assessment, with the ability to assign one (or more) experts within your organisation to evaluate learning. These assessors can ensure that the learning content has been absorbed and understood and allows them to ‘sign off’ a learner’s progress.

Assessor Sign-Off functionality can be added to any enhanced course, at any point, and can be threaded consistently throughout a course, or used sparingly just for key sections. Questions can be asked of both learners and assessors, it all depends how much dialogue you want in your enhanced course.

Assessment activity is recorded as a feed and the dialogue is easily accessible – including learner questions, assessor questions and all comments and feedback. Learners can also upload evidence of learning in multiple formats which is then accessible to the assessor at any time.

When is this new functionality available?

Our Enhanced Course updates are available now! Simply log in to an administration account you’ll be able to see the updates when creating and editing enhanced courses.

Assessor Sign-Off is coming soon – Please do contact us if you’re interested.

That’s all there is to it – we hope you look forward to this great new functionality!

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