This post was written by our Director of Behavioural Learning and Head of Perform Division, Roger Ayres.

Hybrid working is here to stay. So, like Portugal, Belgium, Croatia and Spain with their opt-out organ donation systems, or the UK with its opt-in, how imperative can you make it for your people to do what you’d like them to do?

In a hybrid-working environment, how much can you, as a manager of people and deliverer of outcomes insist upon? Are you able, for example, to insist upon a face-to-face meeting even though some members of your team have a preference for virtual communication? Is it right for those people? Is it environmentally acceptable for staff to travel more than is necessary? Is it less efficient? Or is it ok because collaboration is easier, because informal rapport is improved through chance interactions that don’t happen online? Is it ok because joint problems can be solved more quickly and energetically through a healthy collision of ideas?

Through interactions with clients, I’ve noticed that many are struggling with this and other hybrid-working dilemmas, unsure whether they can direct certain working practices or whether they need to accommodate more in this post-lockdown period.

For leaders of people this means an ever-greater need for core skills:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • A range of Influencing techniques, from assertion to deep listening
  • Living your values
  • Building a team culture

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