Transformation and new software solutions present huge benefits when it comes to delivering better, more joined up patient care and treatment. And the advances made through the use of technology solutions to support digital and virtual services continue to improve availability and accessibility.

But the truth is, whether you’re implementing an EPR, EPMA, virtual ward or indeed any software system, it’s only ever as good as the skills of the people actually using it. So, given the scale of the changes underway and because technology systems are rarely intuitive enough for users to pick up on the job, we need to think more carefully about training to support people during and after the implementation, and as part of new starter induction programmes.

There are challenges with traditional software training methods. They take high levels of staff time and budget – both commodities in exceptionally short supply in the NHS. And that’s just to prepare for go-live, never mind the number of new starters and contract staff that need to be trained when you reach business-as-usual. Scheduling is complex and time-consuming. Training starts way ahead of go-live, so people forget what they’ve learned by the time they get there, especially if onward support isn’t freely available at the point of need. There’s the impact on frontline and supporting services, while people are away training. Plus train the trainer and associate trainer programmes mean messaging isn’t always consistent across the organisation, it often focuses purely on how to use the software and it’s difficult to measure and report meaningfully on comprehension and compliance. That means increased risk to patients and the organisation if you can’t easily analyse what worked well and who needs more support.

For more than 15 years, Me Learning has been at the forefront of digital learning, providing innovative learning solutions for both organisations and individuals. This translates to more than a million learners now doing their jobs better because of our immersive and engaging learning. We specialise in showing you a smarter way to learn, so new functionality and ways of working become second nature for employees, which means they can focus more on patient care and treatment. Our technology-led approach places innovative, interactive digital learning at the core, providing everyone with a foundation, and consistent messaging across your entire organisation. The task-focused, role-based learner pathways combined with instructor-led training for more complex or specialist areas means every learner receives a personalised training experience which is right for them, including suiting their pace and style of learning – no matter their role, seniority, experience, capabilities. So, everyone learns quicker. Our learning solutions require less time away from front line and supporting activities. Employees feel better prepared, are able to use systems accurately and they can top-up knowledge whenever they need to, which means fewer problems come go-live. We can coach your leaders, by providing them with the tools and techniques they need, to help you build capability for future change programmes, so you can continue your transformation journey long after go-live. We can also evidence how our style of learning reduces the stress and anxiety associated with a major system implementation because employees genuinely feel supported and ready for go-live and beyond. What’s more, our clients are cared for by our service and support desk, which has the best resolution times in our industry and an unprecedented customer satisfaction run rate of 100%. Highly accredited, Me Learning holds Investors in People Gold Standard, Cyber Security Essentials Plus, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. But we won’t stop there. Our learning production team continues to challenge the norms of learning in a world that is rapidly changing. And we are in the initial stages of work with the University of Sussex, who will provide strong academic rigour behind the digital learning techniques and theories that drive our cutting-edge learning solutions.

Technology is transforming how we work. Me Learning is transforming how we learn.

For more information contact Shirley Berry, Partnership Lead – Health and Police, at 07947 996 095 or To find out more visit our website here.

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