Me Learning is now offering psychometric analysis so that individuals and teams can build greater self-awareness before embarking on a wider programme of behavioural learning.

Our Head of Behavioural Learning, Roger Ayres, is now an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner, providing accessible, online psychometric analysis.

Roger explains: “To get the best results in a work environment, people need to perform authentically and with confidence in a wide range of business situations. Our Perform behavioural training courses are all about enabling people to build the skills they need to do just that. As a first step, it is essential that all learners understand their preferences and how these appear to others so they know where they should look to build skills and develop strategies which will help them get better results. This is why Insights Discovery complements our established behavioural training.”

Insights Discovery analysis is conducted virtually and is used with teams or individuals as part of a wider programme of behavioural learning. It is a methodology which is accessible and easy for learners, and also well regarded by learning and development professionals because it is underpinned by academic rigour.

For more information and further enquiries, contact Anne Egede, our Marketing and Communications Manager at 01273 091 301 or

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