Me Learning is to train the entire Northumbria Police Service to support their strategically important implementation of a new force-wide case, custody, investigation and intelligence system.

Highly responsive and interactive digital training is to be created to fully prepare all officers and staff for the implementation of their Connect system.

The training will be broken down into 97 modules and over 100 tutorials, including process overviews and knowledge checks. Each individual will be provided with a training pathway which is right for them in their role and in a way that suits their individual learning style.

Nothumbria Police will supplement this approach with a programme of instructor-led sessions, designed to cover more complex tasks and specialist roles.

Me Learning is also supporting the employee engagement programme, which will run in parallel, to ensure everyone understands what it’s about, the benefits and how it will affect them.

As a business-critical system, where data accuracy is crucial, it is important people know how to use the software and record and process the data in the right way. The learning will bring these elements together and help learners understand the impact and implications of what they are recording.

To acknowledge the impact digital transformation has on officers and staff, learning tools and content will be provided in a format that suits learner preferences to help reduce change-anxiety and tech-stress and support their wellbeing.

Me Learning’s Police Lead, Shirley Berry says: “Our cutting-edge digital learning solutions are perfect for preparing large workforce groups for the implementation of a new system, particularly one as complex as this. We’re able to tailor learning to the needs of individuals and in the context of their specific role – it’s relevant to them, so it’s easier to digest and retain.

It’s also sustainable – it’s easy for learners to top up knowledge whenever they need and it can be incorporated into induction programmes for new starters in the weeks, months and years to come. But we also recognise the huge impact technology and change have on individuals, and supporting wellbeing is a key part of what we do. Our hearts and minds support will prepare them for what’s to come and equally importantly, will help them celebrate the successes.”

Me Learning previously supported Northumbria Police with digital training on a new command and control solution. This involved digital training for almost 4,000 officers and staff on STORM and Aspire, as part of the force’s SmartContact programme.

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