Police services using the Crown Duty Management System will soon be able to train their employees with innovative online learning, thanks to an exciting new partnership between leading DMS providers, Crown Workforce Management, and cutting-edge training providers, Me Learning.

Already well-known for developing innovative training on many of the most popular software systems used in the public sector, Crown is partnering with Me Learning to build online tutorials to streamline the implementation of one of its most popular products.

Users of the Crown Duty Management System will have access to high-quality online training instead of relying on train-the-trainer or floor walking during the implementation of the system. This will enable learners to get up to speed more quickly on key functionality and it will help with the scheduling of training around other commitments, including frontline duties.

Me Learning CEO, Nick Richards says:

“Me Learning has demonstrated through the work we do with police services and other public sector organisations, that you can drastically reduce the time it takes to prepare large workforces for software implementation by using effective online learning. Digital training is the best way to properly prepare users for a live environment because they are able to practice as much or as little as they want, when they want, enabling them to become fully competent in the shortest possible time. Because people feel better prepared, this also helps to reduce the stress and anxiety that often comes with the roll out of new technology systems.”

Crown Workforce Management MD, Mike Hawkesford, adds:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Me Learning to help create a smarter and more efficient way of supporting every member of the police services that we work with here at Crown. It’s a huge benefit during the initial training phase, when we have to bring literally thousands of users up-to-speed very quickly. But it also means that year-on-year, new recruits can receive DMS training which is always fresh and current. The purpose of our Duties Management System is to drive more efficient use of police time and resources, so what better way to start than to use Me Learning technology to help us to do this”.

For more information on this project please contact Anne Egede, Marketing and Communications Manager at 01273 091 301 or anne.egede@melearning.co.uk

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