A new initiative by Mind in Greater Manchester to improve the health outcomes of people experiencing reproductive health issues across the region, is being supported by the use of Me Learning’s booking platform.

Five branches of Mind – Tameside, Oldham and Glossop, Manchester, Salford, Stockport and Rochdale – are collaborating to roll out an extensive programme of virtual and face-to-face training across workplaces in the Greater Manchester area.

This is designed to raise awareness and improve knowledge on topics relating to the menopause and HRT, so managers are empowered to be more supportive when employees are experiencing reproductive health issues, ultimately encouraging more people to remain in the workplace.

Learners enrolling on Mind’s courses will book via Me Learning’s booking platform, Form LMS, helping to streamline the administrative side of the initiative. Over the next three years, thousands of learners are expected to complete the training so the booking platform will enable the charity to accelerate the delivery this programme at scale.

Me Learning’s non-profit lead, Anna Forsythe said: “At Me Learning we are really pleased to be working with the Manchester local Minds to help them roll out this exciting new initiative at pace. We hope that our booking platform will relieve much of the burden on Mind staff managing the administration behind this work.”

For more information contact us at enquiries@melearning.co.uk

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