National Museums Liverpool made a critical decision to embark on a digital transformation journey to move most of their in-person training online, with the help of Me Learning. Every year since the start of this relationship, their workforce of over 650 employees has continued to build a variety of skills and knowledge on relevant topics using online learning. Now looking back, the decision to switch to online learning has led to a major culture change in the way training is embraced across the seven museums and galleries making up National Museums of Liverpool (NML), according to their Director of People, Mark Davies. 

Mark also added:  

“A major highlight of this journey with Me Learning has been the positive culture change we have seen across our organisation. It’s now so clear that online learning has enabled NML employees to understand that courses delivered digitally can provide a highly engaging and responsive experience.  This positive shift on how our people view their learning has led to a rise in team members sharing recommendations to each other on courses they should take.  

We also find online learning particularly great for compliance topics because we know that all learners are getting a consistent approach. Our partnership with Me Learning has been so successful that our people are now asking for more training with a heightened enthusiasm to keep on building their skills and knowledge so they can continue to do their jobs to the best of their ability.” 

Now that online learning has been fully embedded throughout National Museums of Liverpool, it is evident that these digital courses using learning technology to help users remember more, at a faster rate works well and has kept employees highly engaged.  

Many employees now ask for more training and are very proactive in tracking their continuous professional development. This is a positive shift from how training was perceived previously and is a move which is warmly welcomed by most employees. 

The training is accessible 24/7, providing flexibility for employees to complete the training at a time and pace that suits them and their working schedules.  

National Museums Liverpool incorporates: 

  • International Slavery Museum
  • Lady Lever Art Gallery
  • Maritime Museum
  • Museum of Liverpool
  • Sudley House
  • Walker Art Gallery
  • World Museum

Employees are also intentionally encouraged to embrace learning once a month on what is popularly known as Me Learning Mondays. This is commonly known by employees as their protected learning time once a month to further encourage training across the seven museums and galleries incorporated under National Museums of Liverpool. Me Learning Mondays was pivotal during the Covid lockdowns. However, even with a hybrid working model now in place, Me Learning Mondays continue to hold monthly.  

The solution 

More than 650 employees working across the seven museums and galleries in Liverpool City Region have unlimited access to over 60 different courses, many on compliance topics provided by Me Learning. The organisation is also supported by Me Learning to deliver their own in-house training via Me Learning’s learning management system (LMS). All online courses can be accessed securely at any time from any computer or device with internet access. 

Under the arrangement employees: 

  • Have access to an extensive library of over 60 courses developed by Me Learning and our partners.  
  • Have access to courses developed by NML and hosted by Me Learning. 
  • Use Me Learning’s own learning management system to track all training undertaken by employees. 

The result 

Over a 3-year period employees have: 

  • Completed more than 15,042 hours of online learning  
  • Completed 12,992 courses with 641 in progress 
  • Completed an average of 15 courses per learner  
  • Logged into the Me Learning platform at a rate of an average of 17 learners per day. 

The most popular courses accessed and completed by learners over time has been SCaN Training, Trans Inclusion Awareness and Fraud Awareness.  

With the wide variety of courses available to employees, NML use Me Learning courses as a fundamental piece in their blended learning approach to line management training. Employees are required to complete online learning courses from Me Learning prior to attending a mandatory face-to-face session. This approach has drastically impacted the level of engagement and preparedness during the management training sessions that happen in-person.  

Click here to download the case study.

For more information contact Shirley Berry, Director Strategic Solutions at or 01273 091 301

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