Career Connect deploys blended learning to train over 380 staff in under two months

Career Connect is a charity which provides high quality, independent careers advice, bridging the gap between learning and employment and generating better life chances for young people and adults alike. It provides a wide range of career management services around the UK, often in partnership with Local Authorities, schools and colleges. The charity is also a key provider of the National Careers Service for adults.

Blended learning to save time and get best results

In today’s diversified world where the third and private sectors both compete for contracts, Career Connect has a number of engagements, primarily across the North West of England, working with everyone from young people in schools and colleges to the unemployed and even in prisons.

Stewart Nicolson, Workforce Development Manager at Career Connect says that what unites these contracts is the passion of true experts providing high-quality, independent careers management services.

Whilst the team is expert in careers guidance; in these often complex environments, further training is essential in aspects of Safeguarding, Data protection and Equality & Diversity. Nicolson realised that there is value in face-to-face training sessions; for example, in a classroom, a group of learners will ask questions which benefit the whole room. On the other hand, it is often uneconomical and inconvenient to pull staff out of their work contexts at least once every 12 months.

“We checked out the market on a quality basis and came back to Me Learning because the courses are friendly and really nicely broken down into easy-to-chew modules. We’re a training organisation ourselves, so we know the value of getting training right.”

Stewart Nicolson, Workforce Development Manager, Career Connect

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