Get the Church to GDPR on time! Me Learning trains the Church of England for GDPR compliance

The Church of England has well in excess of 100,000 volunteers, clergy and employees. The National Church Institutions (NCIs) are the central bodies that support the day-to-day work of churches across England, and have around 500 permanent and fixed-term employees.

Across the country, the Church’s regional organisation comprises 42 dioceses, 45 cathedrals and 45 bishops’ offices. And there are then around 12,000 parishes, with 16,000 churches.

Online training is the optimal use of resources

“We needed to make a decision about GDPR training for the NCIs staff. With my background as a learning and development manager, I wasn’t keen on face-to-face training because it is expensive, and I feel that people can glaze over during presentations so it’s not the most effective method of training. I wanted e-learning because, as well as being more cost-effective, I like the fact that people can choose to complete modules in their own preferred time and can return to the modules if they want, meaning greater retention of course material. And of our 500 employees, while most are here in Westminster, we have around 70 up in York, another 70 over at Lambeth Palace and others based across the country in Bishop’s offices, so we’d have had logistical challenges with face-to-face training as well as the cost implication. I come from a local authority background where data protection e-learning is not just normal, it’s often mandatory, so it was the natural path for me.”

Madi McAllister, Information Governance Officer, National Church Institutions

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