The pandemic has encouraged many organisations to fully embrace the advantages of digital learning.

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many Me Learning customers to take a fresh look at how they can maximise the use of digital learning to replace blended courses, previously reliant on classroom-based training.

Extended periods of lockdown and the need to maintain strict social distancing have made it difficult for many organisations to continue to deliver their existing training programmes on essential skills, accreditations and induction without making significant adaptations.

Many quickly discovered the limitations of delivering classroom training scripts via Zoom or Teams because of the difficulty of maintaining the concentration of learners in this online environment. Instead many customers have been working with Me Learning to ensure learners have access to high quality online learning which can be completed on any device with an internet connection.

A collaboration of over 30 organisations in Durham

  • The challenge: To provide vital training on safeguarding during the pandemic to over 30 different organisations.
  • The solution: A blended online approach utilising Me Learning’s extensive library of courses designed for safeguarding professionals, delivered via Me Learning’s LMS.
  • The results: A decision was made to switch permanently to online learning rather than return to traditional classroom-based training because of the many benefits of this approach.

A decision was made to switch permanently to online learning rather than return to traditional classroom-based training because of the many benefits of this approach.

The Durham Safeguarding Partnership, an inter-agency collaboration of more than 30 different organisations and 7,500 learners, was quick to engage with Me Learning early in 2020 to explore the best way to continue to deliver essential training during the pandemic.

Partners were already signed up to receive our suite of courses on safeguarding via the Me Learning learning management system (LMS). But by extending this agreement, the partnership was also able to upload their own pre-learning and briefing documents, simplifying access to these training elements which meant they could continue to provide a full programme of learning. The LMS also enabled them to easily monitor and check which courses were being accessed and by who.

“If it hadn’t been for the pandemic, we wouldn’t have gone down this route. But it has worked so well that we have no intention of returning to classroom-based learning in its traditional format. Blending online digital learning and live online training delivered via Teams has been so successful for us that we now plan to continue with this as a permanent arrangement.

The benefits of online learning are huge for us as an organisation but also for the learners themselves. We can now allow more flexible learning that fits in with the learner’s timetable rather than the learner being tied to the trainer’s diary. In our world, there will always also be a need for live training on more complex subjects. But what the pandemic has taught us is that the human interaction can be delivered via Teams and we can minimise the number and length of these sessions and maximise the interactivity and impact, by blending them with highly effective digital pre-learning or post course refresher training.

Me Learning has helped open our eyes to the advantages of digital training and their intuitive system, first-class helpdesk and above all the quality of their training materials which really hit the mark with our learners. ” – Lisa Waite, Durham Safeguarding Partnership Training and Development officer.

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