Mind in Tower Hamlets & Newham (MITHN) is the local association of mind, the mental health charity which seeks support and respect for the one in four people who at some time in their lives will experience mental health problems. Like many third sector contributors to their communities, MITHN provides counselling and welfare advice. It also offers bespoke mental health recovery and support programmes and in 2017 has launched an advocacy service.

Understand in-house skills in real-time

MITHN therefore joined Me Learning, with the flexibility of a pack of 20 courses – 10 baseline courses which are now embedded into the induction process and which give every employee a consistent grounding in the skills needed to work for MITHN; and 10 additional courses for on-demand skills as required for different disciplines. Taking this strategic approach has been beneficial. Michelle says “We’ve used various e-learning providers before, but always tactically. We would buy piecemeal, often a single item. Or we’ve bought a block of 100 courses off the shelf with a few options and choices.

Michelle Kabia, CEO of MITHN, says: “But now we have a dashboard, an overarching management tool that lets us see exactly what skills we have in-house, day to day.”

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