New and expectant mothers

Topics include: Legislation around maternity, Risk assessment and Entitlements.

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Being a new mother is exciting – but it can be a daunting time too, and new and expectant mums can face a whole range of issues in the workplace.

Many working environments with previously acceptable conditions might contain hazards and risks that affect the health and safety of those who are pregnant.

These hazards can range from exposure to biological and chemical agents to constant standing or excessive workloads.

The consequences of ignoring these can be very serious indeed so a robust risk assessment for pregnant workers is essential.

This three-module maternity risk assessment course covers a whole range of issues affecting new and expectant mothers in the workplace.

You’ll learn about legislation and entitlements as well as the risk assessments protecting new and expectant mothers and their employers from potential hazards in the working environment. You’ll cover the common physical, biological and chemical hazards and cover the most common pregnancy ailments to be aware of.

On completion of the course you will automatically get a certificate with your name, the CPD hours achieved, the date and learning objectives covered.

  • The legislation around maternity and employees’ and employers’ responsibilities
  • What a good pregnancy risk assessment template looks like
  • Entitlements and unfair dismissal issues
  • The most common pregnancy ailments
  • Physical, biological and chemical hazards and their impact on the mother-to-be and developing baby
  • Tips on helping pregnant or new mothers
  • PEEPs, and generic and personal risk assessments

  • Entitlements
  • The physical, biological and chemical hazards
  • Working conditions and the risk assessment

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