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What can Perform do for you?

An authentic personal style and confident delivery gets better results in a working environment. With our highly practical perform courses you discover how to use your voice, body language, energy and mindset to get better results. You learn how to read different situations and adapt your personal style and delivery, even when under pressure. All sessions can be delivered in person or online, on an individual basis or in small groups.

The benefits of Perform include:

Tck  Develop personal presence

Tck  Understand how others see you

Tck  Learn to adapt your style to get the best results and still be authentic

Tck  Practice the theory so you are ready to apply it when it matters most

Visit our brand new Perform site for more details on how our Perform courses can help you and your team.

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Beyond theory


Our courses go beyond theory and incorporate plenty of time for purposeful practice. All can be delivered in person or online, on an individual basis or in small groups. 


If you don’t see the specific subject you want, or you are after a combination of topics, let us know, as the course content will be tailored to your own requirements. 

Why choose Perform?



Roger Ayres, Director of Behavioural Learning, heads up our Perform training division at Me Learning and has been coaching and developing training for 24 years, for emerging managers through to board level. He is also a seasoned conference host and speaker.


Tailored for you

All our training is delivered in small groups, or to individuals, and is tailored to your organisation and specific situations. As well as providing leadership and management training, we support organisations with training for acceleration programmes for emerging managers.



Our approach is driven by our belief in purposeful practice. This helps learners translate theory into action so that you can perform with greater confidence and competence straight away.

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Head of Perform

Roger Ayres

Roger heads the Perform division and also serves as Me Learning's Director of Behavioural Learning. He has over 24 years' experience across many sectors designing and delivering highly interactive, memorable training initiatives which informs and challenges learners - turning theory into practice.

He uses a range of interactive techniques and has developed training for all levels within organisations - from juniors, those new to management, all the way through to the board.

He works face-to-face and virtually with a distinct behavioural focus, whilst discussion and exploration form part of his coaching approach. His compassion weaves through everything he does which allows him to support and challenge people in the right manner.

Perform Associates

Our Perform offer is delivered by a wide pool of experienced associates.

A few have been listed below. 

Jane Eden (1)

Jane Eden

Jane has worked as a Communication Skills Coach and Facilitator for 18 years. She designs and delivers programmes for individuals and organisations who want to communicate at their best, often in high-pressure situations.

Visit Jane's LinkedIn profile


Lorraine Brunning (1)

Lorraine Brunning

Lorraine has spent the last 25 years working as a Communications Skills Trainer and Behavioural Coach. She has designed countless communication skills programmes through the years focusing on building leadership capabilities.

Visit Lorraine's LinkedIn profile

associate-Kate (3)

Kate Kordel

Kate has spent over 10 years supporting professionals with their communication skills. She is a big believer in experiential learning and finding practical solutions to enable people to make significant change in the workplace. 


Adam Tabraham

Adam has combined his acting career with a substantial body of coaching, corporate training and development work over time. This includes designing and delivering workshops in consultative selling skills where the focus is on building relationships and delivering persuasive presentations.

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