In an age of corporate social responsibility, it’s vital that a business doesn’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. Here at Me Learning we have the privilege of working with some amazing companies and charities who are doing a lot of good in the world. We are able to enrich their staff with learning and development programmes, and support them in their ongoing delivery of exceptional services and products that have a genuinely positive impact on the world.

For 2019 we decided that we wanted to give even more back, and launched our charity initiative. For every course that we sell online (did we mention we have more than 130!) We will donate £0.50 to our chosen charity. Our course topics are wide and varied, so we’re very hopeful that we’ll raise a good sum of money for these incredible charities. At the beginning of the year our staff all voted on a wide list of charities to determine the lucky recipient. Every 6 months we’ll pick a new charity to donate this sum to.

Our first winner is…(drum roll please)…Friends of the Elderly!

What does FOTE do?

Friends of the Elderly is an organisation that runs care homes and community services in Bedfordshire, Dorset, Essex, Greater London, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Worcestershire. Their ten care homes offer residential and respite services. Their sister organisation, Triangle Community Services, offers home and day care services across seven locations. Their focus is to provide the best possible care whilst supporting independence and engagement in community life.

Friends of the Elderly also runs a range of activities to support older people to live fulfilled lives. These include a financial grants service for older people living on low incomes, as well as various community projects such as their befriending service and their ‘Football Friends’ programme, which connects older people together over a shared love of football.

It’s an extremely worthwhile and important charity that we are honoured to support. Friends of the Elderly (FOTE) will receive our donation at the end of June 2019 and in the meantime, Kevin, one of our talented sales team, will be visiting with them and offering a free course, free training or time to support them in any volunteer capacity that they need.

You can stay tuned to find out how much we’ve raised for FOTE and to read more about the work that Kevin will be doing with them.

We are so excited to get involved with FOTE as we have worked with them before, providing them with an upgraded learning system that could deliver a multitude of training based on their varying needs. You can read more about our work together here.

What are you doing either in your personal life or at work to give back? We’d love to know, so share it in the comments below.

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