Working in the charity sector is something I am extremely passionate about and I enjoy hearing positive feedback when a charity finds our LMS extremely user-friendly and our course content excellent.

An insight from Kevin Patrick, Charity E-learning Specialist at Me Learning

Like in every sector, third sector organisations have very tight budgets and they only get tighter every year! However, no matter how small the budget every charity must ensure staff are trained, especially with compliance training such as Safeguarding and GDPR.

As the charity specialist, it’s my job to create a tailored package to suit these requirements and if possible go further than just the bare minimum. Our Unltd packages is a fantastic example of this where we give a charity huge amounts of choice in terms of content backed with a powerful LMS to help charities manage their learners more efficiently.

Something as simple as being able to email learners who haven’t finished or started their training without exiting the LMS is such a huge time saver which also means the member of staff in the charity can spend that saved time on something else.

I also come across charities who feel they have been overlooked in terms account management by other providers because of their ‘small’ spend however at Me Learning and for me personally, every customer is equally important and just being on the other side of the phone if the customer needs anything is always well appreciated.

I love charities and enjoy spending time with the amazing people who work in these diverse organisations. No two charities are ever the same and every need is so unique which is what Me Learning is tailored to do.

So if there are any charities out there who are looking for an e-learning solution , please do give us a call and we will always do our best to help. You can call us on 01273 499100 or email us here.

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