Warwickshire County Council wanted to update its e-learning materials when it embarked on a collaborative partnership with Me Learning more than three years ago.

It was important for the Council to remain hands on with content creation, but also saw the benefit of modernising and streamlining its e-learning, to provide a more effective experience for learners.

The result is a strong collaboration between council colleagues and Me Learning’s in-house learning experts, who have since worked together to create several new e-learning courses each year. Council subject-matter experts continue to guide on content, particularly aligning language, process, and local examples. Alongside this, Me Learning’s production team elevate the learning experience for learners by incorporating graphics, animation and a range of evidence-based learning techniques and technology.

This collaboration has resulted in:

  • A library of engaging e-learning content designed with, and for, Warwickshire County Council learners and for partner agencies.
  • A streamlined production process for new e-learning modules, freeing up the time of council employees who were previously involved in the production of e-learning, so they can focus on other priorities.
  • Highly tailored e-learning products, which incorporate local knowledge and expertise, also benefiting from evidence-based learning techniques which improve memory retention for learners.

The e-learning modules produced are regularly used by council employees and partner agencies. For example, a recently produced e-learning course on poverty awareness has been widely used by frontline council staff, as well as colleagues in a wide range of public health roles.

As part of this collaboration, Warwickshire County Council can purchase as and when required e-learning courses from Me Learning’s extensive learning digital library, much of which has been written for local authorities. This means that when learning is required on a frequently requested topic such as the Care Act, council learners have access to an off-the-shelf solution.

Another example of collaboration is the council’s Armed Forces Covenant Officer (AFCO) working with Me Learning to develop a suite of e-learning modules on the Armed Forces Covenant and Covenant Duty. Whilst the modules are produced in Warwickshire, they are available nationally for public sector organisations to use. The AFCO provides the content and then works with Me Learning to produce engaging learning materials that use evidence-based techniques to ensure learners remember key elements.

Through a separate arrangement, Me Learning also provides systems training to Warwickshire County Council on The Access Group’s Mosaic system, used across social care services. In February 2023, the council made the decision to use Me Learning’s software learning solution – a switch that was simple and straightforward. So far, the training has been well received by users, with feedback generally reiterating how engaging, intuitive and time efficient the solution has been.

A benefit for the council has been the fact that the systems training automatically updates with any Mosaic system upgrades, which ensures that the training always reflects the most current version of the system.

Anne Clayton, Digital Learning Consultant at Me Learning said: “For us, the work we do with Warwickshire County Council showcases collaboration at its best. The value we add is directly proportionate to the commitment by council subject-matter experts and that really shows in the end products.”

Bal Jacob, Director of Workforce and Local Services at Warwickshire County Council said:

“It gives me great pleasure to share that our Learning & Development Team have been working with Me Learning since 2020. In that time, there has been a big shift towards self-directed online learning, and we are now catering for a more agile workforce. This makes it more important than ever for us to respond to the changing learning needs of our employees and our partners’ employees and Me Learning helps us do this.”
For more information contact:

If you would like to find out more, please contact Anne Clayton, Digital Learning Consultant at Me Learning – anne.clayton@melearning.co.uk or visit our website www.melearning.co.uk.

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