Me Learning has partnered with the University of Sussex in a study which demonstrates the effectiveness of different techniques commonly used in e-learning.

This is thought to be the first study of its kind to focus on e-learning with adult learners, rather than university students or children and young people.

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Me Learning developed 8 digital training modules used by 152 UK-based study participants aged between 18 and 72, so researchers could better understand how to optimise learning on different topic types.

The results showed:

The e-learning packages we created at Me Learning are effective and the techniques we use are sound.

It helps to break down information into manageable, bite-sized chunks to enhance learning, particularly when imparting facts e.g. for compliance and awareness building topics.

Active learning techniques, which encourage participation by learners, increase learning on procedural topics e.g. software functionality.

The research was led by Professor Tom Ormerod from the Psychology Department at the University of Sussex and involved three undergraduate students working on their final course project. The full findings of the study will inform Me Learning’s improvement planning process and will be published by the University of Sussex in academic journals.

Sarah Howarth, Director of Operations at Me Learning said: “We were delighted to partner with the University of Sussex on this fascinating project. There is very little published so far on the effectiveness of e-learning with adult learners, particularly since the learning landscape changed so dramatically post-pandemic. We have carefully tried and tested all the techniques we have developed to optimise the best learning techniques but the academic rigour this study offers is comprehensive affirmation that our approach is good.

“We plan to use this study as a foundation for more work with the University of Sussex, particularly looking in more depth at some of the nuances it presents so we can understand these fully.”

The study which spanned 6 months, culminated in a presentation to Me Learning where Professor Ormerod shared detailed findings with the team. During the study, the three students involved worked alongside Me Learning as the e-learning modules were developed, giving them greater insight into the process used and client expectations.

For more information, contact or Professor Thomas C. Ormerod, School of Psychology, University of Sussex at

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