Few people realise that one in three victims of domestic abuse are men. Which is why the charity ManKind Initiative has teamed up with Me Learning to produce a new digital online training programme which raises awareness of:

  • what domestic abuse against men looks like
  • its prevalence in our society
  • how organisations and individuals can improve their response to victims.

This work builds on a number of training projects previously undertaken by the ManKind Initiative and Me Learning which have helped specific workforce groups develop their responses to male victims of domestic abuse.

This course is designed for anybody working in a role where they may come into contact with male victims of domestic abuse.

Six modules enable the learner to discover:

  • Statistics relating to male victims of domestic abuse.
  • The different types of abuse men face.
  • Examples of real experiences of men who have suffered domestic abuse.
  • The signs to look for which indicate possible domestic abuse.
  • How to respond to male domestic abuse.
  • Male victim-friendly policy, services, and communications.

The training, which is hosted by Me Learning, can be accessed online via any computer or tablet with an internet connection. Individual annual licences are £30 or £2,000 for an entire organisation, with discounts available for high volume and non-profit customers.

Me Learning CEO Nick Richards says:

“Me Learning is hugely supportive of the work the ManKind Initiative does to help raise awareness of this terrible problem. It is so important that more people, especially those in frontline roles, know how and when to respond when they suspect someone has been the victim of male domestic abuse.”

“We are really pleased to be working with the ManKind Initiative again, especially knowing that part of the licence fee of this training will be re-directed to provide support to victims.”

ManKind Initiative Chair, Mark Brooks OBE says:

“It is vital that more practitioners, professionals and organisations better recognise male victims of domestic abuse but also then know how best to support them. Many men suffer in silence because they do not know who turn to and whether they will be taken seriously. Providing online training to those who can help them will make a huge difference in supporting them in taking the steps they need to escape an abusive relationship.”

“We are delighted to have partnered with Me Learning both because of the quality of their learning platform but also importantly because of their values and clear commitment to those that the charity supports.”

Training content was developed by in-house digital training experts at Me Learning and the ManKind team using academic research and working with the voices of male survivors, psychologists, professional practice of IDVAs, domestic abuse service managers and communications experts.

For more information and further enquiries, contact Anne Egede, our Marketing and Communications Manager at 01273 091 301 or anne.egede@melearning.co.uk.

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