The challenge

Three new case management systems for adult and children’s services were already being implemented when plans for face-to-face training were halted by the pandemic. So, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council needed to find an online training solution and fast, to keep the project on track.

To add to the challenge, the 1,800 employees and partners due to be trained on the functionality of the new systems were exceptionally stretched because of the pressure of Covid-19 on their caseloads. It was absolutely essential that they had access to effective online learning which could be accessed wherever they were working, to minimise the time spent away from their core duties.

The solution

Me Learning successfully delivered a comprehensive programme of learning entirely online using a combination of digital eLearning, live virtual sessions with a trainer and innovative virtual floor walking. This was so effective that it reduced the expected classroom learning time by half, meaning fewer hours learning and away from providing vital services. We did this through:

  • Digital content: 180 interactive tutorials packages into 30 role-tailored courses delivered through our secure cloud-based learning platform, complete with real-time reporting on employee completion.
  • Virtual sessions: Short virtual sessions delivered by a live trainer which checked understanding, built confidence and helped learners explore the system.
  • Virtual floor walking: Virtual floor walking by nominated Dudley champions, with the support of our trainers and available during the first few weeks of roll-out to iron out teething problems.

The result

Our unique solution radically reduced training time over traditional face-to-face solutions and provided the council with a lasting legacy.

Staff were equipped with self-service support through an integrated knowledge centre, which had over 4,000 hits in its first six weeks.

The project received excellent feedback from participants.

  • 1,800+ learners trained using a combination of digital learning and virtual+ sessions.
  • 400+ virtual sessions delivered online
  • 180 interactive modules across 30 courses
  • 48% time saved per learner over traditional approach
  • 95% satisfaction with the training solution
  • 4,000 knowledge centre hits in 6 weeks (learners accessing refresher information)

What our client says..

Stephen Lonsdale, Head of Adult Safeguarding and Mental Health, Dudley Borough Council “I have worked over a period of several months with the professionals from Me Learning and found them to be excellent in both their flexible approaches to solving complex problems and the way they approach challenges in a dynamic and proactive manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this organisation to any public or private institution and can confirm the quality of their input is extremely high and solution focused. As a direct result of partnership working, our ability to meet and exceed the demands of the business have been met.” –

David Winter, Adults Project Manager, Successor Programme, Dudley Borough Council “Everybody isn’t the same and we learn in different ways, so to complement the eLearning Me Learning also provided virtual classroom training with a dedicated trainer so that trainees could ask questions. These sessions were recorded to provide learning flexibility for the users.

Training is all about the user experience and in the first month of going live with the new Liquidlogic Social Care system, there has been a lower amount of support calls than we originally anticipated and one key reason is the quality of the training provided by Me Learning.” Claire Joyce, Practice Consultant, Dudley Centre For Professional Practice. “The programme roll out required a significant input from our team to progress and sign off learning scripts, business process maps, and an extensive virtual and classroom-based training programme. The robust, clear and effective communication between the project team, the service and Me Learning was critical, and this helped us to deliver the training programme by the scheduled date and at the same time accommodate our everyday workflow.

The Me Learning team provided a range of trainers who were able to provide tailored workshops which have upskilled the workforce. Practitioners were able to learn in a supportive environment and feel confident to ask questions. The relationships built during training have enabled practitioners to feel more confident in accessing the floor walking support commissioned as a part of the training package.”

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