Me Learning has become a member of techUK, a trade association bringing together industry, government and stakeholders, to innovate and collaborate to realise the positive outcomes tech delivers for society, the economy, and the planet.

We will play an active role in encouraging a wider range of organisations to embrace digital learning as part of their transformation programmes. Specifically we will share our expertise of cutting-edge training technology, which helps learners to remember more, quicker, using a range of online learning techniques.

Me Learning specialises in the development of training to support the deployment of technology and systems; the roll out of compliance topics and new ways of working; and cultural and change management programmes.

Using the latest learning technology and techniques, we help organisations with highly effective online training which:

  • Minimising disruption to business because less time is spent training
  • Reduces the cost of training by utilising online methods
  • Helps them meet critical go-live deadlines through rapid deployment across large workforce groups
  • Helps achieve better results such as data accuracy and staff confidence and wellbeing.

Me Learning CEO, Nick Richards says:

“We are delighted to be joining techUK. For 16 years Me Learning has been working with organisations, helping them to embrace digital technology and providing online training to their workforce. To join techUk in this journey means we can encourage more organisations to streamline their transformation.”

For the past 16 years, Me Learning has been equipping organisations with the skills to survive a fast-paced, business critical landscape. More than a million learners and 600 organisations have been transformed through our services.

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