Me Learning is today launching an in-depth digital programme of training for anti-social behaviour (ASB) practitioners – the first of its type in the UK.

The programme, which involves six 25-minute online learning modules, is developed in partnership with ASB experts at Stockport Homes Group. It has been developed specifically for ASB professionals in housing associations, local authorities and neighbourhood policing teams, to provide better understanding of the anti-social behaviour management process and their role within it.

The learning is designed to replace classroom or pre-recorded videos, often used for onboarding new starters and for in-depth study by established practitioners seeking learning on specific topics. The programme uses cutting-edge learning techniques which have been successfully deployed in a range of settings in local authorities, in health and with the police, to achieve a more engaging and effective learning experience. All learning is completed online, so it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and at any time, which makes it easier to fit learning around other commitments and avoids costly problems with scheduling classroom training, especially during social distancing. During the ASB programme of study, learners are introduced to best practice principles in all areas of managing an anti-social behaviour case, from taking on a case, right through to using legal tools and powers to resolve reports. Once all modules are completed, learners will have gained a good knowledge of:

  • Effective case work practices to investigate and resolve reports of antisocial behaviour
  • The range of early intervention tools that are available to agencies involved in tackling antisocial behaviour and how to use them appropriately
  • How to engage a witness into the case process
  • Recognising when a person is vulnerable and understand how to make the appropriate referral for support
  • The Risk Assessment Matrix and how to use it
  • The skills needed to interview a witness effectively in order to capture relevant and accurate information
  • How to write a statement under the civil procedure process
  • How to develop partner relationships and the available tools and powers to other partner agencies
  • The skills needed to communicate and collaborate in complex partnership environments.

The full programme is designed for onboarding new starters. There is an option for established ASB practitioners to access individual modules, rather than completing the whole programme. Me Learning ASB Lead, Tracy Jones says:

“In the past the ASB community has been hugely reliant on classroom training, which is expensive to deliver and also difficult for ASB practitioners to access when they need it. The result has been that not enough ASB professionals have been able to access the learning they need, especially learning which is good quality and consistent.

“Our incentive with this project is to help bring down some of the barriers to ASB training by providing easier access to good quality training at a fraction of the price. We want to help more people build the knowledge and confidence they need to do their job and do it well. “This year, we have again seen a rapid rise in the number of ASB cases reported, so now more than ever we should be making it easier for ASB teams to access consistent knowledge and tools, especially when onboarding new starters. By working with Stockport Homes Group, we have been able to produce targeted training which really hits the mark for ASB professionals.”

Liz Smith Head of ASB for Stockport Homes Group says:

“SHG is an award-winning organisation, recognised for our continued investment in the training and development of our people. We recognise the need for strong and consistent training across our ASB practitioners, so they have the knowledge, skills and the confidence to manage even the most complex ASB cases, from start to finish. “Like many other ASB teams, we are under increasing pressure particularly as a result of Covid-19. Classroom training is expensive to run and difficult to schedule, especially with social distancing in place. By teaming up with Me Learning, we have been able to develop a much better solution which will help us provide good quality learning for all our ASB practitioners so they can continue to deliver a first-class service.”

For more information on our new ASB training programme, contact us on 01273 091 301 or

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